the LIMBO: lap of Honor

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I have 99 problems and all of them are fictional video game men

Anonymous asked: Boy or girl?


And everytime I try to fly I fall.
Without my wings I feel so small.
I guess I need you, baby.

—Britney Spears - Everytime (via vogueplease)

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The fox. This clever canine has an amazing set of skills. Deep snows cover the black hills of the Dakotas, and hidden under that icy blanket field mice are stirring. The odds of catching anything might seem hopeless, but not to him. An enormous leap to catch a critter under three feet of snow, but how the heck did he do it? He’s honing in on something, but it takes immense concentration, and he needs complete quiet. His ears can pick up the faintest scamper from beneath the snow. But there’s a catch. He almost always comes up empty handed unless he’s facing north, but how is that possible? As unbelieveable as it sounds, scientists now think he’s honing in on the magnetic field of the planet using it to calculate and plot his trajectory, the kind of math missiles use to hit their targets. Just the slightest distraction can throw him off. But if he’s got the North Pole in his sights, he’s guaranteed a meal nearly 75% of the time. [x]